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Hair Extension Methods

There are many hair extension methods and techniques available on the market today but one is far better than the rest.

We use only the best hair extension technique called the Fusion hair extension with a keratin tip method. We also only use true European Remy hair (100% human hair). True Remy hair is classed as superior due to the fact that the cuticle has been left intact which results in smoother, tangle free hair.

Inferior hair is know as 'cut hair' which as had the cuticle removed results in dry brittle hair which constantly matts and tangles.

Below is a brief outline of the different Hair Extensions techniques available on the market today.

The best hair extension method for long term use

Fusion Hair Extensions with a keratin tip

The fusion method of applying hair extensions is currently the best technique to use. This is the method we use where we work from one bundle of hair from one donor ensuring all your strands are of the exact same quality.  This allows us to customise each strand exactly according to you needs during the process as we go.

The best hair extension method for short term use

Customised Clip-in Sets

These are ideal for women who would like to wear hair extensions for a one-off special occasion.  You can also re-use them again later when needed. Jayne can customise a set of clip in hair extensions, made to measure to suit your needs.

Other hair extension methods (NOT RECOMMENDED)


Head tape extensions are advertised as waterproof adhesive, however the adhesives are only water resistant and will start to break down within a few weeks, leaving you with sticky matted clumps of hair.

Micro Beads

Micro beads might look tidy when applied to the hair but as soon as the natural hair produces oil the Micro Beads slide straight out of your hair.

Weft Weave/Flat Track

The weft weave is where long strips of hair are stitched very close and tightly to the scalp causing pain, blisters, rashes and even mould to the scalp due to the scalp not being able to breath/dry underneath the stitching.


With pre-bonded hair extensions, the keratin tip has been applied to the strand of hair in the factory as a one size fits all. The keratin is also heated again for application by the specialist. Due to double heating it can cause premature keratin breakdown causing shedding.