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Hair Extensions Aftercare

Congratulations on choosing "™ Fake It Hair Extensions"

Be prepared for your life to change, get used to being noticed and standing out in a crowd. Your hair extensions are easy to maintain, as long as you remember these few simple rules:-

  1. Don't be afraid to brush your hair from the scalp with the special Loop Brush provided. Support lengths like a piggy tail while brushing your extensions. Correct brushing is crucial to avoiding knots above the bonds.
  2. Under normal conditions wash your hair twice a week. Expensive shampoos and conditioners are not necessary. We recommend Pantene products for coloured hair and a Pantene deep fortifying treatment once a week would be beneficial.
  3. When using styling tools always opt for ceramic and be sure to not let the tongs touch the bonds.
  4. Every 7 days, enlist the help of a second pair of hands and eyes and check for any strands possibly joining, if so, gently separate, this process should only take a few minutes if you have been brushing your hair correctly with the loop brush.
  5. Never go to bed with your hair wet, and always brush thoroughly and tie back for swimming, sleeping. Shedding in your brush is to be expected as with your natural hair.
  6. Technically, hair extensions are to last approximately three months. Although most of our clients don't have a problem getting 5 - 6 mths wear taking into account the growth of your natural hair.
  7. We also offer a hair extension removal service, or it can be done by yourself. Just call Jayne for instructions, or some salons offer this service.

Enjoy your beautiful long hair and don't hesitate to contact Jayne if you have any concerns.