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"Jayne is great!!! After a unwelcomed colour change on my behalf, my hair was a colour no-one could match. I called Jayne and she came out and saw me. She said give her 2 weeks and she will search high and low to get the exact colour and she did. She got the perfect colour match that no-one else could, and it worked out that great.  I have been getting that colour ever since"

"I got Jayne to give me 24inch Hair Extensions for my first time. It was so long as I'm quite short, it went down past my bum!! I had a lot of trouble washing it the first time due to the length, so Jayne came out once a week - for 3 weeks and practically hopped in the shower with me and washed my hair - now that's what I call service. I now get Jayne to put in 20 inches which is heaps long enough - and Jayne doesn't have to shower with me!!! lol"

"I can' t thank Jayne enough after a messy divorce and substantial weight gain, I was very low on self esteem. A mutual friend recommended Jayne as she thought hair extensions would pep me up. Jayne came out for a consultation and I immediately knew she knew what she was talking about. She was very professional and although I was a bit skeptic - I though yep - lets just do it. That was 4 years ago and I've been getting Jayne to do my hair ever since, the long hair improved my self esteem. I lost the weight, got a better job and haven't looked back - apparently now I'm a yummy mummy."

"My hairdresser over bleached my long blonde hair and burnt it off. I was absolutely devastated. I called Jayne in tears, she calmed me down and told me not to worry, she could fix it.She came out that night and gave me extensions to repair the damage. I couldn't believe it, it took me 3 years of getting Jayne to do my hair for my natural hair to grow back, but it did - I'm so glad Jayne could help me."

"I was getting married but was on a budget so couldn't afford hair extensions at what salons where charging. I saw Jayne driving around one day so got her number of the back of her car and called just incase she was cheaper. She saw me that day for a consultation and once I saw her B4 and after photos I was so impressed. None of the salons could show me B4 and after photos as good as these and they were charging so much more! My extensions were fantastic and Jayne even came out on the day and curled my hair. That was last year but my husband recons I can get them again for our anniversary - yayy"

"I had been wearing extensions for years and really felt that I was being ripped off. Hair that would matt - sky high prices - bad after sales service - and even being charged to have extensions put back in that would fall out! Jayne was my last hope, I saw her advert in the yellow pages and thought - if she is like all the others - I'm done with hair extensions. Immediately I felt Jayne really knew her stuff. She had an answer and solution to every question I threw at her. She's been doing my hair every since and I couldn't be happier -and guess what - none even fall out"

"I have always worn my hair in a short bob when Posh Spice cut her hair into the 'Pob' . I thought great - something a bit different but still The Bob. I got Jayne to put length on my sides to create her look and it looked so natural. Cool "

"Jayne wouldn't put extensions in my hair. She came to my house for a consultation and straight away said my hair was to thick. She said the amount of stands that she would have to put in to make it look natural would almost be impossible to manage, extremely hot and way to heavy and I would regret it and that she wouldn't do it to me. She said someone else wouldn't care and would take my money and do it but she didn't operate that way. She was right someone else did do it and I couldn't stand it, it drove me crazy. It was exactly like Jayne said it would be, I just wish, I would have taken her honest advise - it would have saved me a lot of money as well."